Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Linda: "Susan Daniels Explains Oba…" «

Linda: "Susan Daniels Explains Oba…" «

Set Whitey Free !!

Remarks by President Obama and President Rousseff of Brazil in Exchange of Toasts at Official Lunch in Brasilia, Brazil | The White House

Remarks by President Obama and President Rousseff of Brazil in Exchange of Toasts at Official Lunch in Brasilia, Brazil The White House

Set Whitey Free !!

Internment / Resettlement Specialist |

Internment / Resettlement Specialist

Set Whitey Free !!

Are We Talking Anti-Socialist FEMA-CAMPS????

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dinkiedow Says Veterans Need Your Support More Than Ever!

Duty, Honor, Country: Betrayal - A short preview video. - YouTube

Veterans Continuously Hear Support Our Veterans,Yet Thousands Homeless and Dieing In The Streets!

"Why",We Can't Afford It They Say,Lets Pay Millions To Study The Problem Another 10 Years While Those That Stuck Their Necks For Our Nation Suffer!

Yet,A Disaster Strikes Over In A Foreign Land Like Iran.We Send $50 Billion For Relief,Duh That Money Would Had Housed All Homeless Veterans."But No",We Housed,Cloth and Fed Those That Want To Kill Each and Everyone Of US.What Jack Wagon Thought Of That? (R) & (L) and Of The Same Boggling Mind Set.Lets Take Care Of Ours First.The Terrorist are Better Taken Care Off Than Veterans,I Say Let Them Eat Spam and Pork Bellies.Next Time They Won't Want To Become Prisoners!

Back To The Point,We Need Take Care Of Americans First.You Don't Feed Your Neighbor First Than Consider Your Family.These Lefty Liberal Loons Live In Fenced Guarded Complexes While Taking Your Tax Dollars and Giving It To Every Cock Manny Idea That Will Get Them Votes.YEP,I Say Give Them The Boot.

Our Next Leaders,President Congress,Governor,Mayors,Council Men & Women Must Be Country First Or Show Them The High Way!

I Am A 100% Service Combat Vietnam Marine.
Believe Me I Needed To Jump Over Hoops To Get What I Deserved and Even After I Did I Had Been Threatened To Have My Oxygen Removed,Have Me Jailed If In Possession Of A Fire Arm Or Ammunition In My Possession and Then They Declared Me Incompetent So They Could Control My Money.See They Have That Put In Their Personal Account and Take 5% Off The Top.Heaven Knows What Happens To Money Not Spent By Gust Supplying You With The Basics.I'll Put Dollars To Donuts
Thousands Of Others Have Had This Pulled On Them!


P.S. Let Me Not Forget Giving Credit To The National Rifle Association For Supplying At Their Expense An Attorney That Set Me Free From Those Obamanite Hands!

Veterans Need Your Support Now More Than Ever This Administration Is Not What They Make Themselves Out To Be!

Remember Barack H. Obama Said Veterans Should Be Responsible For Their Own Wounds No One Made Them Go To War,It Was Of Their Own Choice!


Where's The Line To See Jesus

It's The Time Of The Season To Be Thankful For What We've Got.Having Jesus In Our Lives Makes Us Better For It.
Those Not Believes Prove This Fore They Are Full Of Hate For Themselves Not To Say Just At Us!
God,Does Bless US Because "We The People" Of These GOD Bearing States
Are The Most Generous,Loving People Of The World!
May God Be With You
P.S.(A.L.C.U.)God Forgives You Too!
Set Whitey Free !!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Great Writer Befriended A Dinkiedow [jjauthor]

Some Times A Very Special Person Comes Into Your Life and Makes You Better For It.
While Twittering Along One Day I Came Across A Tweet"Don't Take Away My Lemonade Stand".Hearing Often A Town Would Force A Child To Put Their Stand A Side Because Of Some Off The Wall Rule.Hog Wash!
So,I Thought I'd Purchase a Copy Of This Book By jj author.Finding Her Sight I Placed an order.Problem My Browser Was Not Compatible With Hers So That It Couldn't Place an order.So I Twittered Her And She Kindly Lead Me To A Copy.
I Enjoyed The Book So Much I Passed The Word On To My Friends.
To My Surprise She Has Written Several.I'm A Slow Reader Always Prefer To Waite Till The Movie Comes Out.But,Her Writings Keep Me Glued.
I'm Reading The Face On The Milk Carton About A Little Girl Kidnapped Them Finding Herself As A Child Poster On That Carton.
I Would Bet You Just Left Looking For That Book!

Well,I Have Great News,I Was Just Informed Janie Johnson[jjauthor@] Has A New Exciting Book To Hit The Stands Soon!
I Can't Waite I Know It Will Be A #1 Seller and We Can All Make That Happen For Such A Great Patriot,Semper Fi
May I Challenge My Fellow Marines & Veterans They'll Make Great Reading In The Barracks!
Set Whitey Free !!

PepsiCo CEO Indra K. Nooyi Talks Personal and Professional Inspiration During BlogHer '11 Keynote - YouTube

PepsiCo CEO Indra K. Nooyi Talks Personal and Professional Inspiration During BlogHer '11 Keynote - YouTube
Not What I Expected To Find.You Decide For Yourself!
Set Whitey Free !!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bill Ayers,Everything Wrong With Today!

Bill Ayers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Set Whitey Free !!

This Monster,Destroyed Our Educational System and Now Causing This Turmoil Around The World
With The Help Of Barack Hussein Obama.

Bill & Bernadine Dohrn Inciting The Young As He Did In The 60's & 70's Weather Underground Taking A Page From Charlie Manson Helter Skelter!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Romney Wants Amnesty Interview!

Oh I'm A Flip Flopper,I'm A Flip Flopper All The Time I'm All About My Shrine.I'm The Second Coming Of Obama,The White Half!
Set Whitey Free !!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Barack,I'm Crying Why Won't You Call,Chrissy Mathews!

Barack,I Did Everything You Asked So You Could Be My President.I Covered Up Your Fraud.I Told Everyone You Were The "1" And Now You Left Me Crying.Why Won't You Call,Not Since That Day You Said So Help Me God,You Haven't Been The Same.
Please Call Me,Tell Me You Still Need Me To Get You Your Second Term Please Tell Me What To Do..I Forgive You, I'll Lie For You, I'll Commit Treason For You.The Thrill Has Not Gone, Just That I'm Crying Over You Barry!

Was That What Chrissy Matthews Really Was Trying To Communicate To His Beloved "1"!
I Can't Stop Laughing,MSNBC Yous Suck,Literally!
Set Whitey Free !!                      


Saturday, November 19, 2011

X-Speaker Pelosi Crying Fear Over OWS Violence!

Hey Nancy,That San Francisco Bomber Bernadine Dohrn Ayers.You Know Michelle Obama's Best Friend!
Weather Under Ground William Ayers,You Know Him You Break Bread With Him At The White House,Yell At Him You Jack Wagon Thief.

The Violent OWS,Your Radical Army Is Going To Put You Forever Behind Bars Fore We The People Have Awaken Thanks To The Internet And You Can Hide Nothing.
P.S. Dumb Bitch.All You Loons Typed Into You Computer Planing This Coup Well You Can't Hide It Now.We Had Already Found It And Down Loader.In Other Words,"GOT YA"!

Nope This Wicked Witch Of The West Is No San Francisco Treat!
Set Whitey Free !!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where And Who Am I,Don't Know!

Obama thinks Hawaii is in Asia - YouTube

Set Whitey Free !!

Well From The Mouth Of Mr.Who!
Here In Asia,Priceless The 57th State No Doubt,Want Heinz Ketchup On Those Lies!

We Got A Problem,Houston!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Obama Accused Of Sexual Harassment At Harvard Law Review | Conservative Talk

Obama Accused Of Sexual Harassment At Harvard Law Review Conservative Talk

Set Whitey Free !!  Gee Justice Kagan Was Dean Of Harvard Is That How She Became Justice? Inquiring Minds Need To Know,What,When & Where!!

Insider Trading - Bill Gates - Form 4 SEC Filings

Insider Trading - Bill Gates - Form 4 SEC Filings

Set Whitey Free !! I Guess If You File A Form It's OK,WTF How Many Know That? DID YOU? Look Carefully All Trades After The Bell Under The Radar!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Obama's Part Time Lover"Forever Young"!

Set Whitey Free !!   The Other "Donald" With Questions Of Obama Past!

Was Donald Obama's Gay Part Time Lover?
What Does Barry Know Of His Death?
Where The Hell Has The Press Been?
Donald Young's Mother Needs Answers,"NOW"!

Hermann Cain Has Left No Dead Bodies But,Bill,Hillary Clinton,Obama Have.
There Is No Time Limit On Murder Investigations Or Punishment Leave No Stone Unturned!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday StacyHyatt Fromm All Your Tweet's