Monday, May 28, 2012

I Have A Dream!


Set Whitey Free !!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

USA President The ["POT HEAD"] Barry Soetoro!!!

User’s Guide To Smoking Pot With Barack Obama | Conservative Byte

Set Whitey Free !!    So,How Low Do We Go???????????

Our House Is Full Of Felons,Home Grown Terrorist,Bill Ayers Weather Under Ground,Jodie Evans Code Pink.Foreign Terrorist With The Likes Of Hamas,Muslim Brotherhood Bin Ladin Was Close Friend To Robert Gates.Anwar Al-Awalaki
Was Congress House Muslin Cleric,Friend To Nancy Pelosi,John Conyers And A Like.

Both To Which The Obama Administration Had Claimed To Had Killed,YA Right?????

Now,Not Hiding Socialism=Communism!!!!!



The Whole Truth - Obama Through His Own Grandma Off The Cliff,Maybe Just Thinking Out Loud?

The Whole Truth - YouTube

Set Whitey Free !!          Obama Lied So Your Grand Parents Died.  Communisum Coming To America.Democrats Are Just To Stupid Or Hooked On Drugs To Realize!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Please Help Support 100% Disabled For Life Monument

I Harold S.Herrington III Am Proud To Be On This 100% Disabled For Life Monument Honor Roll.
Please Help It To Become A Reality Before I Pass.There Are Many Ways To Contribute By Going To Gary Sinise Concerts,Purchasing Memorial Coins Or Just Donating.

L/Cpl Marine In Vietnam 10/67 - 9/68
I Served With 1/1/1/D/2nPl 10/67-5/68,Con Thein,Quang Tri & 68 Tet In Hue City!
Then 2nd C.A.P. IIIMaf Combine Action Program Hill 65,5/68-9/68
Wounded Medivac Home To A NY City Hospital Till Nov 13,1968

But,I'm Not The Only One There Are Thousands Just Like Me.All Gave Some And Some Gave All.
I Appreciate All You Can Do,Thank You & Semper Fi!

When Apathy Ruled The Day & Socialism Became The Norm!

Sevierville, Tennessee, May 18, 2012 - YouTube

Senate Candidate Tennessee Zach Needs Your Help In Defeating Rino Bob Corker The Do Nothing Progressive Wrong Way Voter!

Will We Still Be America January 21,2013.Think Of The Direction Barrack Hussein Is Taken Us.

Hillary Clinton Says She Is A Progressive.The Liberal (L)eft Said They Wanted Further (L)eft Socialism Knowing Barry Soetoro Aka Barrack Hussein Obama Was Raised By Communist.

If You Are Not Fully Aware Of Obama's Past You Truly Don't Care About Tomorrow!!

Zach Poskevich Is A War Veteran As Myself And Want A Better Tomorrow For Our Grand Children That This Administration Has On The Auction Block,Stop Communism In It's Track And Turn This Nation (R)ight Once More,Semper Fi!

Bill Whittle's 7 Minute Look At A Colon In Th WH!

Holy Crap Bill Whittle Is FURIOUS | Chicks on the Right

Set Whitey Free !!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Please Read,Sign & Forward To Everyone You Can Think Off,Semper Fi!!!!!!

Save California From The Likes Milkman Harvey Here Kiddie's!!

Save California

Set Whitey Free !!  Obama's Friends Are Deapicable!

Obama Putting Your Children At Risk!!!!!!!

[["""STOP THE NON-SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW""]]
The First Gay President Working Hard To Influence Our Little Boys & Girls Into Gay & Lesbians.

What A Sick & Perverted,No Moral Nation Of Sex-Neutral Morons Ever To Walk The Earth.

Just Say No With You No-Obama Vote!!!!!!!!

born in 1936 Obama's Father["Stolen Valor'] Obama LIAR,FRAUD, I'm Appalled!!

born in 1936   Liar-Liar-Mommy Pants On Fire-Barry Barrack Obama Hussein Soetoro,Who Are You?

Set Whitey Free !!  The Obama Lies.To Claim His Kenyan Father Fought In World War II Beside My Father Who Was Awarder The Soldiers Medal Is Such An Out Rage Should Cause His Removal In It's Self. ["Barrack Hussein Obama"] Your Full Of Yourself.Wipe With The New York Times Two Ply Double Roll Czaes Of Plenty!

    The Lie Shot Accross The Bow Of Everyone That Has Ever Served This Nation.
How Dare This President Hold His Non-American Father WWII Statue!

His Father Was But "Five" December 7,1941 Give Me A Break Jack Wagon!!!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

General Motors is becoming China Motors - Why Obama Dems & Rino's Need To Go !

General Motors is becoming China Motors - YouTube

Set Whitey Free !!      Communist Congress!

Presidents,["Gay As A J Bird"],So We Call Him The Streak!

Our President On The Campaign Trail,Look-It-Dee,Look-It-Dee.That's Why We Call Him The Streak!
Ethel Don't Look! "O" She'd Been Gayed! Get Your Cloths Back On You Ain't Made To Due Women!
What An Immoral Bunch Running Around The Country Naked As A J Bird Gathering Up Perverted Votes.That's No Way To Spread The Wealth.Put It Back In Your Pants.Look Out Ethel,She Been Harpooned!
Set Whitey Free !!

Thursday, May 10, 2012



Set Whitey Free !! Obama Multiple I.D.'s,Putin Ordered Obama & Lugar Held.Did Putin Black Mail Lugar & Obama Over Fake I'D. Or Worse SEX-TAPES? But,Deals Were Made & We Are Paying.Just Thinking Out Loud,"WHAT SAY YOU"?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dinkiedow's Wife 41 Anniversary Gift

A Few Weeks Early Makes The Surprise Awesome!

My Wife Loves Her 2012 Chrysler Town & Country Loaded With All The Bells A Whisles.
After Forty One Years Taking Care Of Me Me She Deserves The Top Of The Line.

We Purchased This Wonderful Van At Bachman Bernard Highway 11E Greeneville,Tn.
Wes Cooper Sales & Leasing Consultant Was A Great Help Making Us Very Comfortable & Wow,What A Deal!

If Your In The Market Give Wes Cooper A Holler At 423-639-4141 or E-Mail At [] Tell Him Dinkiedow Sent Ya! Full Disclaimer A Few In My Pocket
A Disabled Vet Can Always Use Gas Money,Semper Fi!

Memorial Day Is Coming Soon So,Happy Patriots To You!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dinkiedow Was In This Unit USMC CAP Hill 65 Nam 1968

USMC CAP Web Site Home Page

I Am Proud To Had Served This Unit In Vietnam.
It Made Me What I Am Today,A Proud American,Semper Fi!
I'm Behind My Sgt Ray Brown.I Was The Radioman.I Look Like A Little Boy Growing Up Much To Fast!
The Few,The Proud The Marines!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Supreme Court Justice–Elena Kagan–is Pro Sharia Law!

Supreme Court Justice–Elena Kagan–is Pro Sharia Law!

Set Whitey Free !!  Justice Kagan And Obama Muslim Brothers & Sisters Are Out To Destroy America."Arrest Them,Now"!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Nancy Pelosi Gave Assad Full Cover

Set Whitey Free !!  Did Nancy Pelosi Give Syria President The Go Ahead In The Massacre Of His Detractors,You Bet Ya I'd Say!!

    The Radical Sayings Kill All The Are Not Believers In Your Cause And Take What You Want!

     Helter Skelter,Bernadine Dohrn Ayers Just Loved Charlie Mason Mass Murdering Radical Lunatic!

     This Has Obama,Ayers Written All Over It! Semper Fi !!

Obama's Friends Say Kill 25 Million Conservatives

Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Rashid Khalidi - YouTube

Set Whitey Free !!   The Radicals Of Obama's Association Where All Over The Mideast Stiring Up The Muslims Causing Islamic Revolution.

     Planned In Ayers House With Barry Planing And Skeming The Destruction Of America From The Inside.If You Haven't Awaken To This Fact By Now,I Have A Bridge For You!


Obama Ally Rep. Danny Davis Receives Award at Communist Part

Set Whitey Free !!  This Sickens Me To Death That The Press And 535 Representative ignore This As No Harm,No Foul!

 We Have Communist In Our White House Speaker Boehner What The Hell Are You Going To Do.Your Members Going To Communist Party U.S.A. Meetings
Giving Speeches And Excepting Commie Awards,Remarkable.Never In My Life Did I Foreseen This Happening!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Military Coup Could Oust Obama & NYC Bloomberg! « Political Vel Craft

Military Coup Could Oust Obama & NYC Bloomberg! « Political Vel Craft

Set Whitey Free !! It Could Happen To You,Despicable You.Running Around Just Like A Clown
Disrespecting Wife Too.Joe Biden and Wife Should Also Get Life,That Would Be Great Too!It had To Be You Despicable You,Your Such A Fool!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Move Of The Anti-Christ Author Annette Ackerman My Friend

My Friend Annette Ackerman Authored This Anti-Christian Book Obama! I Ordered My Copy Get Yours Today,Semper Fi!
Set Whitey Free !! 
                             ["NOW AVAILABLE AT AUTHORHOUSE"]

pituitary gland hypothalamus

pituitary gland hypothalamus

Set Whitey Free !!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Obama's Sharia Connection,It's Here!

Elena Kagan and the sharia charge Michael Tomasky Comment is free

Set Whitey Free !! Saudi Prince Owns Harvard University Lock Stock President & Supreme Court,OH Did I Forget To Mention Congress!
Yep,Those Bastards Put Elana Kagan On Our Supreme Court Fully Knowing She Supports Sharia Finance & Law!
Mayor Bloomberg,Owner Of Two Sharia-Compliant Companies In Malaysia.#1)Yuan Exchange #2 Chinese Sukuk Bonds.Both These Companies are Dead Set At The Dollar & USA Bonds.Bloomberg and The Good Club
(All Your Billionaire Elitist)Bill Gate,Warren Buffett,Oprah Winfrey,Ted Turner,David Rockefeller,George Soros
And The List Goes On.
Already Over $100 Billion Dollars Of Worthless Sukuk Bonds Have Entered Wall Street Straight Into Your 401k.Ask Your Agent How Much Sukuk Is Up Your Yuan! I Bet You Hadn't Known This,Surprise!
Yep,They Have Big Plans After The Election To Collapse The Dollar Bringing Down US Bonds & Moving Wall Street To Malaysia.The Collapse Of Our Nation Is In Full Motion And You Haven't A Clue!
Seven Trillion Missing In The Fed.But Boehner Doing NADA,Why, They Know Where It Went.They Stole It,My Bet!!

Well Enjoy Your Islamic Queen Justice On Our Way To Helter Skelter!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Barack Obama Supports Robert Kennedy's Murderer Sirhan Sir

Barack Obama and Bill Ayers Read This!Just Click!

The Man In Our White House Is No Doubt A Radical Shaping The United States To Surrender To It's Enemies!
He Lied 2008 And You Believed Him.Well,Now You Know The Truth.
This Whom Ever He Is Doesn't Want You To Know.He Has Spent $2 Million In Lawyer Fees To Keep It From You And We Know He's Given Trillions Of Tax Dollars To A New Line Of Traitors To Look The Other Way!

If You Watch These Videos,Read These Words And Still Vote For Him.You,No Doubt Are Also A Traitor Yourself!

Just Remember What All This President's Friends Stand For."The End Of America"!
Set Whitey Free !!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Duh,Uh,Uh,Uh Administration,You Voted This Talent

You Can't Get A Move Dumb Ass Administration Than This Duh,Uh,Uh One!
Dollars To Donuts There Is Not A Degree Between The Bunch Of Harvard Jack Wagons.They Are Elitist,"Of What" I Am Stupid Hear Me Duh,Duh,Uh,Uh!
Is There Any Clue Here Why We Are Being Taken Off A Cliff?
You Voted An Idiot Into Office Of The Presidency Of These United States.
What In Hell Were You Thinking!
Set America Free From The Ding-O-Ling!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Al Bruno ["WONDERWHY--1.mp3"] Neil Diamond Impersonator! My Friend!


World Famous Neil Diamond Impersonator!
Al Bruno,Stillwarer,NY My Friend and Yours!

Al Has Opened For Neil At The Palace,Albany,NY
He Has Opened For Several Oldie Groups At The Proctors,Schenectady,NY

Al Bruno ["GOOD_NIGHT.mp3"] Neil Diamond Impersonator


World Famous Neil Diamond Impersonator!
The One And Only Al Bruno,Stillwater,Ny

Friday, February 3, 2012



Set Whitey Free !! Pack These Bastards Up And Move Them The F Out!

Worlds Trash!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

10 year Anniversary Wall Street Gone Sharia,WTF

Thomson Reuters and IdealRatings Offer Shariah Finance Index
Funny,Islamics Jhadist Strike Twin Towers YET,Wall Street Turns To Sharia Compliant Financial Markets To Which 10% goes To Sponsor "JIHAD"!!

Wall Street Is Now Celebrating It's Tenth Year Of Sharia Compliant.Is This A Surprise To You?

NASDAQ Now Opened To Sharia.
Bloomberg Owens Two Sharia Compliant Companies In Malaysia.
Yuan Exchange and Sukuk Bonds All Said In This Reuters Sharia Compliant Wire In Which Profits With Sharia.

Our #1 News Sourse is "SHARIA" READ & WEAP!!

IT'S YOUR 401k Going This Way!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Battle Field Vietnam"DID Dinkiedow Do That"1/1/1D 67/68

Set Whitey Free !!  I Remember Con Thien Well

Being issued 1/2 half a tent not having a partner seeing you were the odd one last in the Unit.
The Raids Seeming to go on for ever only a fox hole for cover full of the rain.I Laid in the mud covered with a poncho and half tent hoping this weather had went.
  The Weather was but,just part of the story the Mortars came in with a great flurry.They came close to me & sorry to say took many buddies those days.
I climbed into my mud hole hoping they stop.they were moving down the foot hills from bottom to top.They were coming directly at me so plainly you see the next one to fall was to dead set on me.5' the most the last one had hit i swear the Marine Next Me Had taken a shit I do swear.Then Silence came over we've taken the out those guns.My Prayers were answered, I have No Doubt.
      Going out on patrol at the DMZ was frightening to all at 18 years old I was the most frightened of all.We entered the tree hedge looking for the enemy known to be there with in a few minute the Viet Cong was there.The Point Man & I opened fire on them, hoping we put this attack to end.The gun shots had stop and all went quite.The Seargent came up to see what the matter,my Heart was racing one would think it might shatter.But,all went away,went back to the base hoping my heart would not race!

   Days later I was ordered to travel top the hill to get some supplies told leave my rifle no problem will rise.But low and behold a sniper attack it appeared no weapons we had  Not and mighty scared.I volunteered to get mine and off i had went shooting I hared but didn't look back where it went.I came to the wire fence to which it was clear I would be unable to get my rifle from here.The wire were mined so I asked for some help.Please get me some weapons we are pinned down and need help.That Marine was a No mind and couldn't see clear what action had taken to bring me here.I said then guide me I'm coming on over.He said you must be Dinky Dau it's booby-trapped all over.I said, can't you hear the gun fire and see if I don't get in there they'll get me.My buddies have no weapons to fight back you see.I can't let them stay there laying flat on their backs.I finally made it down to my Unit and found I could relax, that my leaders heard and went out to protect them to safety!

   Con Thien,Was Not a Great Place,went days with out food.Supplies couldn't get into that place.The Memories of that hill bring many bad nights,some wonder why I might suffer those frights!

   So,Many stories I have to tell,tried to get one to Write for me But all said So,Well!I decided to tell my War Stories My Self and Ones That Don't Like It Can Go Right Straight To Hell! Semper Fi !

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Harold Herrington MIGHTY FINE MEN Ruthie Steele and Pascha.wmv

I Am Proud To Say Ruthie Steele Dedicated Her Song"Mighty Fine Men"To Me Harold Herrington,AKA Dinkiedow!

I Am So Humble To Have Had Such A Great Honor And Esteem With This Dedication Bestowed Upon Me This
Very,Very Fine Day In My Life!
I Owe It To Ruthie Steele,Thank You So Much!
Your Beautiful In So,So Many Ways,Semper Fi!
May God Always Be With You,Amen!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

FBI warns of new banking scam |

FBI warns of new banking scam

Set Whitey Free !!

Former Obama staffer arrested in false ID scheme

Former Obama staffer arrested in false ID scheme

Set Whitey Free !!

Judge whacks Obama in eligibility case

Judge whacks Obama in eligibility case

Set Whitey Free !!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Obama Money"Ray Stevens"Too Funny!

Set Whitey Free !!

Obama Talking Down To A White Senior,Betty!

Set Whitey Free !!  Gee,A Campaign From The White House With Tax Payers Money and Equipment,Is That Legal? Live From The White House The Louse Of The Century.Surprised He Didn't Say Thank You For Being A Homier.But,We All Know Betty Is White and Obama Always Make Smart Ass Remarks About Whitey!   Sorry Betty White That He Took Avenge At A Senior Citizen,That's A Shame! E-Mail The White House That Obama Needs Not Make Jokes Of A Seniors Age,Dam That Punk! Boy If She Were Muslim Obama Would Be Going Nuts.He More Than Pissed all Over Betty White's Birthday He Shit All Over Her Being White!

Obama Blues!

Set Whitey Free !!

George Soros Exposed

George Soros Exposed Owner Carnival Cruses & Royal Cruses

Set Whitey Free !!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Obama Racist War!

If You Ain't Black,Get To The Back Of The Bus!!
"WOW" If Ever Had There Been A Racist Comment From An American President!

  His Attorney General Eric Holder Refuses To Prosecute A Black No Matter What The Crime Against A Whitey!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Obama Screwed Christmas Songs,"Now #1"!

Set Whitey Free !!  I Could Had Laughed All Night Rolling On The Floor!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama ID Program For Food Stamps[Isn't That Racist]?

They are assisting illegals with this ID In order To Resister To Vote While Your Looking The Other Way.They Will Track Your Every Day Purchases,Where Abouts.Big Brother Will Have Full Control Soon,They Must Be Stopped and Prosecute All,Each and everyone Pushing The Buttons.

It Take Two Parties To Collapse A Nation.Obama's Elitist Are Pulling Bill Ayers Kill 25 Million For Start.Kill Your Mother & Father Take Everything It's Yours.

Helter Skelter Is Alive And Well.That's Why Bill Clinton Pardoned Bernadine Dohrn Ayers Charlie Manson Girls & Weather Under Ground Terrorist & Now They Got Elected Miss Weather Under Ground Marxist Associate President Of Brazil.Our New Oil Producer.Shocked,BP Explosion Rigged God Of Heroin Owner Of  Well Drillers Ocean----I Forgot!You Know The Name!

After 50 years it's coming all together George H.W. Bush Stated If The American People Knew What We Did To This Country,They'd String Us Up!["You Bet Ya"]!

» Bill Ayers Apostle Appointed White House Education Initiative Director - Big Government

» Bill Ayers Apostle Appointed White House Education Initiative Director - Big Government

Set Whitey Free !!

Porcelain Unicorn "MUST VIEW" Priceless!!

Porcelain Unicorn

NO,Further Words Need Be Said This Is A Kodak Moment,Had I Ever Seen One,Priceless!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brooks And Malone Pools & Landscaping"Dinkiedows Pool"!

Brooks & Malone Built The Dink This Beautiful Pool Let Them Create Yours You'll Be Happy They Did!
Give Holly Brooks A Ring She'll Turn Your Back Yard Into Your Own Private Resort Like Dinkiedows And I Approve!(423) 638-9164 You'll Be Glad You Did!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ruthie Steele Sings My Favorites Proud To Call Her Friend

When Internet Friends are Sometimes More Than Meet The Eye.

To Have Had Conversations Through The Past Years Not Even To Realise That Person Was One You've Listened Both The Laughter and Tears!

Please Help Me Bring Back These Great Songs!

Sunday, January 1, 2012



Set Whitey Free !! Hillary Clinton Tied To William Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn and Others.

Dick Morris & Hillary Connection Before Bill!

We Are Being P_layed By Those Thought To Be On Our Side!

Joseph E McQuade Story USS GAMBIER BAY 74 Sinking 1944

Taffy 3: The Dragons of Samar - YouTube

I First Boarder The USS Gambier Bay 73 September 1943 leaving my wife Joan behind to destination in the Pacific Ocean only God had knowledge.
At 23 it felt like a life time away till i would see land once more.They kept us busy preparing for anything to come our way.
The Morning of October 25,1944 we were awaken to the barrage of 8" shells
from the Japanese heavy cruisers.
First it was the forward engine to be taken out slowing the Gambier Bay although the battle was only hours it felt like days.The rear engine was taken out.
Somewhere around 9:00Am The Ship Started Listing Dead in the Water
when the order came down to Vacate before the ship had sunk.
Jumping Starboard my friend Fred Yeoman and I hit the water.With No Raft We Swam & Swam searching anything to climb aboard.Soon enough a giant wave reached me high enough to locate a floating raft loaded with wounded on the
wooden floor So I grabbed on to a rope and held fast 3 nights and 4 days of no food or water till finally rescued climbing the mesh latter side the Ship.Last thing I remember is the Captain saying Hot Meal or Bunk.To this day I don't remember
what my answer was!
I Returned Home For A Week with My Wife Joan for Christmas Then Stationed in San Francisco till My Discharge November 1945
I'll Never Forget That Day I Lost Several Fellow Sailors and Pilots Friends.
Today I Am 91 and going strong with wife Joan C. Daughters Jo Ann,Mary, Sons Ron,Richard,Joe Jr.Past But Not Forgotten William and Michael.11 Grand Children 15 Great Grand Children and "1" Great-Great Grand Daughter" Aubrey".
 When My Son-In-Law Said I Have A Story That Needs To Be Told as Col.Oliver North Would Say.
So My Story Written By Harold Herrington The One,The Only {"Dinkiedow"]!And I Approved, AM3 Joseph E. McQuade Sr.
Joseph E. McQuade Gambier Bay 74    Life's A Bitch And Then You Die.But Now I'd Live On In Webville For Internity,Anchors Away!