Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama ID Program For Food Stamps[Isn't That Racist]?

They are assisting illegals with this ID In order To Resister To Vote While Your Looking The Other Way.They Will Track Your Every Day Purchases,Where Abouts.Big Brother Will Have Full Control Soon,They Must Be Stopped and Prosecute All,Each and everyone Pushing The Buttons.

It Take Two Parties To Collapse A Nation.Obama's Elitist Are Pulling Bill Ayers Kill 25 Million For Start.Kill Your Mother & Father Take Everything It's Yours.

Helter Skelter Is Alive And Well.That's Why Bill Clinton Pardoned Bernadine Dohrn Ayers Charlie Manson Girls & Weather Under Ground Terrorist & Now They Got Elected Miss Weather Under Ground Marxist Associate President Of Brazil.Our New Oil Producer.Shocked,BP Explosion Rigged God Of Heroin Owner Of  Well Drillers Ocean----I Forgot!You Know The Name!

After 50 years it's coming all together George H.W. Bush Stated If The American People Knew What We Did To This Country,They'd String Us Up!["You Bet Ya"]!

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