Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Am Proud To Say Ruthie Steele Dedicated Her Song"Mighty Fine Men"To Me Harold Herrington,AKA Dinkiedow!

I Am So Humble To Have Had Such A Great Honor And Esteem With This Dedication Bestowed Upon Me This
Very,Very Fine Day In My Life!
I Owe It To Ruthie Steele,Thank You So Much!
Your Beautiful In So,So Many Ways,Semper Fi!
May God Always Be With You,Amen!


Ruthie Steele said...

I am so grateful to you, Harold, and to all others who have served in the Military !! GOD BLESS YOU ! I am proud to have you for a friend. Ruthie Steele

Dinkiedow said...

Ruthie,It Is Me To Have Such A Beautiful,Talented Friend In My Life.
I Am So Proud To Know You And The Pride To Give To Those Have Served And Are Currently Serving.God Bless You And Your Loving Heart The Music Industry Should Be Plenty Proud Of Your Kindness Serving Us Soldiers With Pride Along With Your Personal Loss.May God Be Watching Over All!Your One Of A Kind Ruthie Steele May success Continue and Health Continue Your Way.With All My Heart I Thank You!

Elaine @ Founding Fathers Tea said...

A beautiful song for a grateful country and the soldiers who have put it all on the line to keep us free. This song will be sung as often as God Bless the USA. Bravo Ruthie and Congratulations Dink!

Elaine @ Founding Fathers Tea said...
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holly brooks said...

Beautiful Harold!!!!! Thank you for sharing. Holly