Monday, May 28, 2012

I Have A Dream!


Set Whitey Free !!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

USA President The ["POT HEAD"] Barry Soetoro!!!

User’s Guide To Smoking Pot With Barack Obama | Conservative Byte

Set Whitey Free !!    So,How Low Do We Go???????????

Our House Is Full Of Felons,Home Grown Terrorist,Bill Ayers Weather Under Ground,Jodie Evans Code Pink.Foreign Terrorist With The Likes Of Hamas,Muslim Brotherhood Bin Ladin Was Close Friend To Robert Gates.Anwar Al-Awalaki
Was Congress House Muslin Cleric,Friend To Nancy Pelosi,John Conyers And A Like.

Both To Which The Obama Administration Had Claimed To Had Killed,YA Right?????

Now,Not Hiding Socialism=Communism!!!!!



The Whole Truth - Obama Through His Own Grandma Off The Cliff,Maybe Just Thinking Out Loud?

The Whole Truth - YouTube

Set Whitey Free !!          Obama Lied So Your Grand Parents Died.  Communisum Coming To America.Democrats Are Just To Stupid Or Hooked On Drugs To Realize!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Please Help Support 100% Disabled For Life Monument

I Harold S.Herrington III Am Proud To Be On This 100% Disabled For Life Monument Honor Roll.
Please Help It To Become A Reality Before I Pass.There Are Many Ways To Contribute By Going To Gary Sinise Concerts,Purchasing Memorial Coins Or Just Donating.

L/Cpl Marine In Vietnam 10/67 - 9/68
I Served With 1/1/1/D/2nPl 10/67-5/68,Con Thein,Quang Tri & 68 Tet In Hue City!
Then 2nd C.A.P. IIIMaf Combine Action Program Hill 65,5/68-9/68
Wounded Medivac Home To A NY City Hospital Till Nov 13,1968

But,I'm Not The Only One There Are Thousands Just Like Me.All Gave Some And Some Gave All.
I Appreciate All You Can Do,Thank You & Semper Fi!

When Apathy Ruled The Day & Socialism Became The Norm!

Sevierville, Tennessee, May 18, 2012 - YouTube

Senate Candidate Tennessee Zach Needs Your Help In Defeating Rino Bob Corker The Do Nothing Progressive Wrong Way Voter!

Will We Still Be America January 21,2013.Think Of The Direction Barrack Hussein Is Taken Us.

Hillary Clinton Says She Is A Progressive.The Liberal (L)eft Said They Wanted Further (L)eft Socialism Knowing Barry Soetoro Aka Barrack Hussein Obama Was Raised By Communist.

If You Are Not Fully Aware Of Obama's Past You Truly Don't Care About Tomorrow!!

Zach Poskevich Is A War Veteran As Myself And Want A Better Tomorrow For Our Grand Children That This Administration Has On The Auction Block,Stop Communism In It's Track And Turn This Nation (R)ight Once More,Semper Fi!

Bill Whittle's 7 Minute Look At A Colon In Th WH!

Holy Crap Bill Whittle Is FURIOUS | Chicks on the Right

Set Whitey Free !!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Please Read,Sign & Forward To Everyone You Can Think Off,Semper Fi!!!!!!

Save California From The Likes Milkman Harvey Here Kiddie's!!

Save California

Set Whitey Free !!  Obama's Friends Are Deapicable!

Obama Putting Your Children At Risk!!!!!!!

[["""STOP THE NON-SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW""]]
The First Gay President Working Hard To Influence Our Little Boys & Girls Into Gay & Lesbians.

What A Sick & Perverted,No Moral Nation Of Sex-Neutral Morons Ever To Walk The Earth.

Just Say No With You No-Obama Vote!!!!!!!!

born in 1936 Obama's Father["Stolen Valor'] Obama LIAR,FRAUD, I'm Appalled!!

born in 1936   Liar-Liar-Mommy Pants On Fire-Barry Barrack Obama Hussein Soetoro,Who Are You?

Set Whitey Free !!  The Obama Lies.To Claim His Kenyan Father Fought In World War II Beside My Father Who Was Awarder The Soldiers Medal Is Such An Out Rage Should Cause His Removal In It's Self. ["Barrack Hussein Obama"] Your Full Of Yourself.Wipe With The New York Times Two Ply Double Roll Czaes Of Plenty!

    The Lie Shot Accross The Bow Of Everyone That Has Ever Served This Nation.
How Dare This President Hold His Non-American Father WWII Statue!

His Father Was But "Five" December 7,1941 Give Me A Break Jack Wagon!!!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

General Motors is becoming China Motors - Why Obama Dems & Rino's Need To Go !

General Motors is becoming China Motors - YouTube

Set Whitey Free !!      Communist Congress!

Presidents,["Gay As A J Bird"],So We Call Him The Streak!

Our President On The Campaign Trail,Look-It-Dee,Look-It-Dee.That's Why We Call Him The Streak!
Ethel Don't Look! "O" She'd Been Gayed! Get Your Cloths Back On You Ain't Made To Due Women!
What An Immoral Bunch Running Around The Country Naked As A J Bird Gathering Up Perverted Votes.That's No Way To Spread The Wealth.Put It Back In Your Pants.Look Out Ethel,She Been Harpooned!
Set Whitey Free !!

Thursday, May 10, 2012



Set Whitey Free !! Obama Multiple I.D.'s,Putin Ordered Obama & Lugar Held.Did Putin Black Mail Lugar & Obama Over Fake I'D. Or Worse SEX-TAPES? But,Deals Were Made & We Are Paying.Just Thinking Out Loud,"WHAT SAY YOU"?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dinkiedow's Wife 41 Anniversary Gift

A Few Weeks Early Makes The Surprise Awesome!

My Wife Loves Her 2012 Chrysler Town & Country Loaded With All The Bells A Whisles.
After Forty One Years Taking Care Of Me Me She Deserves The Top Of The Line.

We Purchased This Wonderful Van At Bachman Bernard Highway 11E Greeneville,Tn.
Wes Cooper Sales & Leasing Consultant Was A Great Help Making Us Very Comfortable & Wow,What A Deal!

If Your In The Market Give Wes Cooper A Holler At 423-639-4141 or E-Mail At [] Tell Him Dinkiedow Sent Ya! Full Disclaimer A Few In My Pocket
A Disabled Vet Can Always Use Gas Money,Semper Fi!

Memorial Day Is Coming Soon So,Happy Patriots To You!