Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When Apathy Ruled The Day & Socialism Became The Norm!

Sevierville, Tennessee, May 18, 2012 - YouTube

Senate Candidate Tennessee Zach Needs Your Help In Defeating Rino Bob Corker The Do Nothing Progressive Wrong Way Voter!

Will We Still Be America January 21,2013.Think Of The Direction Barrack Hussein Is Taken Us.

Hillary Clinton Says She Is A Progressive.The Liberal (L)eft Said They Wanted Further (L)eft Socialism Knowing Barry Soetoro Aka Barrack Hussein Obama Was Raised By Communist.

If You Are Not Fully Aware Of Obama's Past You Truly Don't Care About Tomorrow!!

Zach Poskevich Is A War Veteran As Myself And Want A Better Tomorrow For Our Grand Children That This Administration Has On The Auction Block,Stop Communism In It's Track And Turn This Nation (R)ight Once More,Semper Fi!

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