Sunday, May 20, 2012

born in 1936 Obama's Father["Stolen Valor'] Obama LIAR,FRAUD, I'm Appalled!!

born in 1936   Liar-Liar-Mommy Pants On Fire-Barry Barrack Obama Hussein Soetoro,Who Are You?

Set Whitey Free !!  The Obama Lies.To Claim His Kenyan Father Fought In World War II Beside My Father Who Was Awarder The Soldiers Medal Is Such An Out Rage Should Cause His Removal In It's Self. ["Barrack Hussein Obama"] Your Full Of Yourself.Wipe With The New York Times Two Ply Double Roll Czaes Of Plenty!

    The Lie Shot Accross The Bow Of Everyone That Has Ever Served This Nation.
How Dare This President Hold His Non-American Father WWII Statue!

His Father Was But "Five" December 7,1941 Give Me A Break Jack Wagon!!!


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