Thursday, February 2, 2012

10 year Anniversary Wall Street Gone Sharia,WTF

Thomson Reuters and IdealRatings Offer Shariah Finance Index
Funny,Islamics Jhadist Strike Twin Towers YET,Wall Street Turns To Sharia Compliant Financial Markets To Which 10% goes To Sponsor "JIHAD"!!

Wall Street Is Now Celebrating It's Tenth Year Of Sharia Compliant.Is This A Surprise To You?

NASDAQ Now Opened To Sharia.
Bloomberg Owens Two Sharia Compliant Companies In Malaysia.
Yuan Exchange and Sukuk Bonds All Said In This Reuters Sharia Compliant Wire In Which Profits With Sharia.

Our #1 News Sourse is "SHARIA" READ & WEAP!!

IT'S YOUR 401k Going This Way!

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