Saturday, February 25, 2012

Barack Obama Supports Robert Kennedy's Murderer Sirhan Sir

Barack Obama and Bill Ayers Read This!Just Click!

The Man In Our White House Is No Doubt A Radical Shaping The United States To Surrender To It's Enemies!
He Lied 2008 And You Believed Him.Well,Now You Know The Truth.
This Whom Ever He Is Doesn't Want You To Know.He Has Spent $2 Million In Lawyer Fees To Keep It From You And We Know He's Given Trillions Of Tax Dollars To A New Line Of Traitors To Look The Other Way!

If You Watch These Videos,Read These Words And Still Vote For Him.You,No Doubt Are Also A Traitor Yourself!

Just Remember What All This President's Friends Stand For."The End Of America"!
Set Whitey Free !!

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