Sunday, February 26, 2012

Obama's Sharia Connection,It's Here!

Elena Kagan and the sharia charge Michael Tomasky Comment is free

Set Whitey Free !! Saudi Prince Owns Harvard University Lock Stock President & Supreme Court,OH Did I Forget To Mention Congress!
Yep,Those Bastards Put Elana Kagan On Our Supreme Court Fully Knowing She Supports Sharia Finance & Law!
Mayor Bloomberg,Owner Of Two Sharia-Compliant Companies In Malaysia.#1)Yuan Exchange #2 Chinese Sukuk Bonds.Both These Companies are Dead Set At The Dollar & USA Bonds.Bloomberg and The Good Club
(All Your Billionaire Elitist)Bill Gate,Warren Buffett,Oprah Winfrey,Ted Turner,David Rockefeller,George Soros
And The List Goes On.
Already Over $100 Billion Dollars Of Worthless Sukuk Bonds Have Entered Wall Street Straight Into Your 401k.Ask Your Agent How Much Sukuk Is Up Your Yuan! I Bet You Hadn't Known This,Surprise!
Yep,They Have Big Plans After The Election To Collapse The Dollar Bringing Down US Bonds & Moving Wall Street To Malaysia.The Collapse Of Our Nation Is In Full Motion And You Haven't A Clue!
Seven Trillion Missing In The Fed.But Boehner Doing NADA,Why, They Know Where It Went.They Stole It,My Bet!!

Well Enjoy Your Islamic Queen Justice On Our Way To Helter Skelter!

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