Monday, November 21, 2011

Barack,I'm Crying Why Won't You Call,Chrissy Mathews!

Barack,I Did Everything You Asked So You Could Be My President.I Covered Up Your Fraud.I Told Everyone You Were The "1" And Now You Left Me Crying.Why Won't You Call,Not Since That Day You Said So Help Me God,You Haven't Been The Same.
Please Call Me,Tell Me You Still Need Me To Get You Your Second Term Please Tell Me What To Do..I Forgive You, I'll Lie For You, I'll Commit Treason For You.The Thrill Has Not Gone, Just That I'm Crying Over You Barry!

Was That What Chrissy Matthews Really Was Trying To Communicate To His Beloved "1"!
I Can't Stop Laughing,MSNBC Yous Suck,Literally!
Set Whitey Free !!                      


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