Monday, December 26, 2011

Bob Beckel & Whores Forced To Resign Campaign

The Return Of Bob Beckel

Set Whitey Free !!
  Big Fat Blowhard,Quick To Call Everyone Patriotic Racist Is Quicker Calling A Whore.
 Not A Fist Full Of Fifties Will Bring He Some Love.
So,He Sides With The Muslims That Rape Them Some.
He'd Probably Chose Martyr For Virgins To Cure His Perverted Lust Of Sex In Any Fashion.

To That Ugly Prick With Ears You Would Think It Was Rationed!

So,When You Think About The Weiner Along With The Democratic Parties Demeanor.Perverts are US Should Be Their Slogan, Bill Clinton Their Token!

Look Who Talking Trash Of Others;A[" John"]!! Bob Beckel Fox News The Five

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