Friday, October 14, 2011

Open Letter To President Obama

Set Whitey Free !!
    I Ask That You President Obama WithDraw Your Support Of Those Hooligans
That Seek Nothing Less Than Destroying Our Nation.

   You Have The Audacity To Call Military,Veterans and Patriot Tea Party Members Home Grown Terrorist,While Those That Trash Our Country Carry The Communist Flag and Desecrate & Burn Ours!

  Now,I Can Honestly Say These Are The Absolute Worst Unmoral Generation I've Seen In My 62yrs!

  Your Buddy William Ayers and Wife Bernadine Dohrn Ayers To Which You Befriended When You Went To Work With Michelle & Bernadine At That Law Firm!You & Michelle Had No Personal Relation With.Yep I Have A Bridge To Sell,Cheap!These Scum Buckets are Even Advocating Having Sex With Animals.

Enough Is Enough Spill The Beans,Be Honest With All and Lets Pull This Country Together And No BS!

Dinkiedow!      Everyone Please Respond!!

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