Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ayers&Obama,Same Page Again

Bill Ayers Releases “Collective Statement” Of Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Set Whitey Free !!

Aren't We So Proud To Have A President That Approves The Willful Destruction
Of Property,Assault Of Police With Total Helter Skelter Of Our Nation.Gee Is This The Reason For Charlie Manson Having So Many Cell Phones Smuggled To Him In Prison?

You Know Bernadine Dohrn Ayers Was A Fan Of Charlies Girls That Performed The First On Wanted Abortion Of The Mother Sharon Tate.Bernadine Orgasms At The Though Of His Girls Licking Their Fingers So To Taste DEATH!

Well Now It's Clear For Everyone To See Barack Hussein Obama Has Not Moved From His Communist Tree! There's Always Been An Ayers About Him! Can't Make That Crap Up! Semper Fi Dinkiedow!

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